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Brain Talk

Brain Talk

Learning the Brain's Body with Dr. Christopher K. Slaton

This book explores human intelligence, as the manifestation of brain, body, and sense events; and how the Brain Talks as a social cognitive organ. Learning how the brain functions as an organ, is why I study brain, body, and sense events. This is how you learn through environmental contact.

Contact leads to the transfer of energy, action, and feelings as neurologic processes that triggers the sense path to interact through the receive path. This is how brain, body, and sense cells move information about the experience of self, other people, and the environment to produce the knowledge base. The Brain’s Body is the learning theory I designed to assess the flow of energy, action, and feelings through the human system.

That is: the flow of emotion as feelings of anger, fear, or anxiety, or as feelings of pain, hurt, or sadness. The social cognitive affect, the neurologic effect, and the nervous systems influence through brain, body, and sense experiences allow the contact and the interaction to be marked in this way. In the experience, is the experience of self and the brain. This is what qualifies the study of how the brain talks, to be an advanced learning theory of the Brain’s Body. To understand the flow of emotion as an affect that produces effects that influence self-contact and brain interaction, you must have a sense of feel for how the brain talks back.

The Brain’s Body is the theory being shared by Dr. Slaton Live™ to advance the knowledge base on how the brain talks. This is an update on the book: Education and Science, The Brain’s Body, Help to Improve Brain, Body, and Sense Events (2022) by Dr. Christopher K. Slaton. Human Systems Science is presented as the learning theory, while the Brain’s Body rises as the learning system.